Off-Road Adventure Videos

Hula Betty likes thisWatch our off-road adventures as well as step by step instructional videos to help you with mods and maintenance.

Here are just of few of the videos you’ll find on our channels from Hula Betty Productions. Be sure to leave comments on our videos so we know what you like and which is your favorite.

Visit our Last Great Road Trip Vimeo channel or Last Great Road Trip You Tube channel to watch all our videos.


Become A Micro Video Producer

dashboard hula girlHelp a bradda out, impress friends and family with your name in the production credits of our on-line videos.

Show your off-road wheeling buddies that you helped produced a Last Great Road Trip film in conjunction with Hula Betty Productions.

A small $10.00 investment puts you in the video producer credits and places you in the exciting world of entertainment. Put your name, company name or any approved tag line, up to 45 characters, in your producer credit line.