color of diversity

The Price Of Celebrating Diversity

The question posed to me today was: “How are two guys driving a truck to the Arctic Ocean a celebration of diversity?”

  • The rig, zero diversity celebration
  • Two guys, zero diversity celebration
  • Arctic Circle destination, zero diversity celebration
  • Getting friends, colleges, and a few total strangers to think positively about the social diversity in our communities… Priceless!

Help to increase awareness of the need for communication, understanding and respect among people of all ethnic, racial, sexual and age diverse backgrounds and join the conversation.

Every time we read comments left on our website or facebook page about the lives, beliefs and traumas of others we are moved. When all 6 billion voices in the world are valued regardless of race, creed, color, sexual preference, age or status we will have a big celebration where everyone is invited.

voodoo 2007 toyota fj cruiser

NASCAR Called… They Want Their Stickers Back

2007 toyota fj cruiser dirtSo today we stickered-up the rig. We had Steve over at Anderson Brothers take the web site banner and turn it into a vinyl graphic for the rig. The guys there did a great job creating a 70″ long vinyl sticker. The sticker gives the rig a real one-of-a-kind look.

2007 toyota fj cruiser in fieldAlong with Last Great Road Trip sticker, we added our sponsors stickers as well. Sway-A-Way, are the guys who make the coil overs and shocks we are running. The 2″+ lift the SAWs added and the great ride have convinced us that we made the right choice. These have performed well on the trails so far. The Haul Road will really put them to the test and I’m sure they will make the 800 miles of dirt and gravel much more bearable.2007 toyota fj cruiser field arb bumper

Mark at Metal Tech installed those SAWs and put on the bull bar, winch and fog lights along with a very nice custom fabrication that keeps those big tires from rubbing (aka body mount chop).

If you spot our rig driving around, honk and let us know you’ve seen us on the web. Honk for Diversity.