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Day 4 And A Dollar Short

pepsi truckDay 4 stats:

  • Start Ouray, CO.
  • End Ouray, CO
  • Miles 24

Sorry to disappoint everyone looking for today’s post… Way to much fun into the late night… Boy really knows how to party. Look for the tales and picture later… really. Now here is more where there was less before.

Here is a little something something to hold you over.

Teenage boys can live on soda, candy and ice cream.  Old men not so much.  So imagine how excited Boy was when we walked through town and found a entire delivery truck soda just waiting for him.metal tech 4x4 fj cruiser

My wife and daughter and Boy think I’ve gone a bit nuts with the off road adventures, truck mods, stickers, sponsors, website… you get the idea. Well I found a land where I’m not a standout. At the FJ Summit I have seen every FJ Cruiser mod every done here. Metal Tech 4×4 showed up and debuted their new tube doors. A number of rigs are sporting snorkels, there’s a super charger here, a rear facing back seat and just about any lift you’re thinking about. Just check out the stickers if you want to know the rig’s mod list. I’m thinking we might need those tube doors for the Baja. The stock FJs are hear too and Boy decided the sand storm (tan) is his favorite. He likes the the stock look and feel.

swimming pool boyOuray, Colorado is known for its mineral springs. Boy kept moving between the mineral springs hot tube and the plain old chlorinated pool. BTW: a little consumer alert. Back in January when we made the reservations, we were quoted $118 a night… Their charging us $145 a night. We are stuck since with close to 300 rigs here and the normal summer tourist, their is not a rooms to be had. But that is just a little bump in the road and Boy is having fun in the pool.

skateboard grindingDid I mention that they have a skate park just outside Ouray. It is not much but Boy can skate. The little town 10 miles away, Ridgway has a great skate park although a mid-day summer down pour prevented him for skating it much today… We’ll give it another try tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 4 And A Dollar Short”

  1. Sounds like you and Boy had a great time together! It’s amazing that he’s at the age of “parents=bad” yet went with you on the trip! Enjoyed reading your blog.

    Take care,
    Brian aka Ripsnort

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