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Day 9 Road Hard and Put Away Wet

Day 9 stats

  • Start: Denver, CO
  • Finish: Twin Falls, ID
  • Miles: 711

I don’t know whether it was the heat, the excitement of the past week or the hot wings at Hooters the night before but today we had trouble getting started and didn’t roll out of the hotel until the sun was high in the sky. This meant Boy’s morning skate session was going to be more of a noon session in the heat of the Denver day. Turns out everyone else in Denver slept in and the park in Aurora was empty when we showed up. Boy shredded the bowls, slid the rails and had fun goofing on the death box. I sat there taking in the vitamin D and watching Boy defy gravity.

As the sun burned hotter the park filled with skaters and BMXers. It is amazing how a good tattoo immediately gives you street cred. Hanging out on the side, it wasn’t long before a large crew of 2o something bikers came over to ask about the ink. They were on their own small road trip, hitting all the BMX / Skate parks around Denver and this was their third today. These guys made it look easy and were getting big air in the bowls. Leaving the BMX guys all waved us out and said what a cool rig we had.

The rest of the day; drive. Drive like you mean it. Drive like your life depends on it. We drove, stopped for gas and than drove some more. Boy decided the only place we should stop to eat was Denny’s. There are NO DENNY’S along I-80 in Wyoming. Our first meal since the leftover buffalo wings and cold pizza we pulled out of the frig for breakfast, 9:40 pm Denny’s somewhere in Utah. I have been training and building up reserves for just such an occasion. My wife would call it fat, I prefer reserve stores. Boy’s stomach on the other hand was growling loud enough to wake the dead and he broke down grabbing a couple of ice cream sandwiches (sandwich, that’s a good food group) when we gassed up. Some how he says that didn’t count and we still needed to wait for Denny’s to eat.

After stopping somewhere in Utah for a late night supper, Boy crashed hard and I was on my own to enjoy the silent night and the last 200 miles. Braking the still of the night ride was the occasional dream where I would hear Boy mutter something like “board slide” and than his feet would convulse and contort into a skateboard move. This kid really does eat, breath and sleep skateboarding.

Rolling into Twin Falls, we grabbed a room at the same place we stayed going out. They have 24 hour pool. Before nodding off Boy had made me promise to wake him so he could go for a midnight swim. I did my part… But he looked at me with his one good eye he had half open and said he’d swim tomorrow. Because tomorrow, is another day.

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