metal tech 4x4 100 series slider

100 Series Land Cruiser Sliders

There is a long rich Land Cruisers heritage.  Over its long off-road history the Land Cruiser has led off-road adventures all around the world.

When we started getting serious about taking our FJ Cruiser on off-road adventures, a pair of rock rails (aka sliders) were installed (FJ Cruiser slider install) to keep the rocks from crushing our door sills and help the rig slide around an obstacle.

Over the years the Land Cruiser has taken on many sizes and now the popular 100 series has protection for whatever off-road adventure you have planned.

Recently Metal Tech announced the official release of their 100 series Land Cruiser sliders.  Over a year in the making, Metal Tech 4×4 is releasing their signature laser cut and formed sliders with their two stage rub rail design.

The unique Metal Tech look and engineered design protect your rig, enhance the looks and provide a solid step for reaching those items stowed on the roof rack.  The sliders are 100% bolt on, powder coated black and includes all the mounting hardware.

colorado rocky mountains

Adventure at the FJ Summit

snow creekThe Colorado landscape is amazing.  Driving the off-road trails that crisscross the continental divide we encountered groves of aspens, wide open meadows, tall jagged peaks, remnants of snow filling the shadows and patches of colorful wild flowers.  We saw deer, marmot, countless birds and chipmunks.  And we saw our friends.

trail sign postWe (Hula Betty and I) were invited to join Metal Tech at the fifth annual FJ Summit in Ouray, CO. and more importantly I was allowed to drive their rig on the trails.  If you don’t know, Metal Tech has been developing a rear long travel for the FJ Cruiser and this event was their rig’s coming out party.  Sure on the ramp you can see all that articulation with 14+ inches of travel packed into the rear shocks and springs.  However what really counts is putting your butt in the seat and driving.

Metal Tech Long Travel on RampWOW!  Amazing! Wholy Crap!  none of these begins to describe the agility Metal Tech’s rear long travel delivers.  I was cautiously motoring over the trail when I heard LT say “Let it Go”…   I picked up the speed and aimed for the obstacles.  The suspension responded without hesitation.  The wheels climbed over rocks and dropped into cracks with the rig maintaining a smooth level ride over everthing.  The other rigs  on the run we were leading came over the CB with mixed messages…  That was E’ffing amazing to watch…  but slow down we’ll never be able to keep up.

wild flowerThis is what suspension is supposed to do! I’m pretty sure I got so excited by how well the rig behaved that I wet myself and Metal Tech cool new seats too…  although that is another story.

When I finally climbed out of the driver’s seat and handed back the keys, I was hooked.  The rest of the trail was me asking LT and Mark to explain everything about their rear long travel and how they managed to get so much flex, travel and handling while retaining all the on-road manners.  We talked about the squat and anti-squat characteristics, progressive springs, longer trailing arms and the math that went into it all…   Butt time in the seat is what counts.LT In Window

As we lead this off-road adventure, the 4×4 trail exposed unbelievable views.  We stop to explore long abandon mines and old, ghost filled, home steads.  We checked out the old dwellings and got a sense of the harshness this land must have presented to those hardy pioneers who settled this area long ago.

For the rest of the day of wheeling and exploring,  my mind was a buzz working up how I would rationalize to Hula Betty why the Blue Bunny must have a Metal Tech rear long travel upgrade!  I’ve played the mid-life crisis card a couple of times already so this is going to take a little more creativity.