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Falken Rocky Mountain ATS Review… Be Brutally Honest!

falken tires fj cruiser rockThe folks over at Discount Tire asked us to put a set of Falken Rocky Mountain ATS to the test and then be brutally honest in our review.  It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it!

Every tire carries a wealth of information…  the industry’s own version of truth in manufacturing.  To make informed tire choices you need to understand the ABCs of the tire industry.   A quick read of Discount Tire’s tire dictionary will give you a big leg up when comparing tires.

Some tire facts of the Falken Rocky Mountain ATS we tested: LT285/70R17D1 121S B

  • type- light truck
  • size – 285/70/17
  • construction – radial
  • plies – D (8 plies)
  • load – 121 (3,197 lbs)
  • speed rating – S (up to 112mph {don’t try to test this one})
  • temperature grade – B

In order to run these tires through a real world situation we opted to have the guys at Discount Tires mount up our 285/70/17 on stock rims with traditional lead weight balancing.   Our rig is part hard core 4×4 trail rig, part overland explorer and come Monday, daily driver.   That means these Rocky Mountain all terrains need to balance performance across all sorts of driving conditions.  The first thing we noticed is these tires look good on the rig.  Rugged, multi-angled grooves and blocked tread with a 50,000 mile warranty… But can they dance when the when things get a little dirty.

To us, all terrain means dirt, rocks, mud, hills, washboard gravel and water.  In order to tackle all these conditions we aired them down to 25 psi and hit the trails of the northwest.  On loose dirt and rocks where gravity pulls downhill, the tires maintained a grip on the ground without sliding, allowing our gears to work their magic and keep the rig motoring under control down the hills.

falken rocky moutain ats total chaos long travelOne of our favorite thing is to bomb down the old logging road (not so closed course and definitely not a professional driver). Opening it up on the gravel, the Rocky Mountain ATS’ felt confident as we zipped through the corners and raised a little dust.

When you think 4×4 adventures and off-road driving, climbing over stuff in the way is usually what comes to mind.  We motored over to the rock garden in order to see how the Falken tires held up to the boulders.  Even with mud all around, the all terrains grabbed and climbed up rocks as they contoured to the obstacles allowing us to keep a controlled forward momentum.

With all the dirt it was only a matter of time before we looked to wash off the rig and the north west has plenty of puddles to “clean up” in.  The tire’s aggressive tread design shed water and found traction in the mud below letting us make a big splash on the trail.

After a day of wheeling trails, we can honestly say Falken’s Rocky Mountain ATS are a strong tire capable of living up to its all terrain designation.

falken rocky mountain ats turning on top big rockAnd what about daily driving?  We put 2,000 miles on these tires in a short two weeks.  Think four trips from Seattle WA. to Eugene OR…  Hula Betty just started university.  The rig covered wet high ways, worn down city streets  and pot hole filled back roads.  With that much travel, we appreciated the smooth quiet ride and sure footed grip, especially at 70+ mph on the wet pavement… Have you driven I5?  It’s a high speed trucking route where cars are allowed as long as they stay out of the way.

Balanced on and off road performance along with daily driver comfort makes Falken’s Rocky Mountain ATS a good choice for anyone interested in a tire that will play hard on the weekend and show up for work come Monday.

Guess our first impressions of the Falken Rocky Mountain ATS were right… Who Knew.

17 thoughts on “Falken Rocky Mountain ATS Review… Be Brutally Honest!”

  1. I found these in Discount Tire after coming to grips that the Super Swamper STS TrXus isn’t in production for the time being. After a lot of research I ordered them earlier this week. I’m pleased to see this video and info as I gear up for getting them put on tomorrow on my 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4×4. Its a 3.5″ custom lift comprised of JKS A.C.O.S, Rubicon Express Leafs, Rough Control adjustable control arms and many other parts. I’ll be getting the 31×10.5x15s to my stock tires and getting spacers if they rub.

  2. I just got the rocky mountains put on my 2500hd about 2 months ago and love them. I have took them through alot and they got me right out. There affordable and work great.

    1. I’ve not run them on a large rig like the Yukon. Give discount tires a call, they can tell you the best sizes and tire for how you drive your rig. Good luck getting the right tire for you set up.

  3. Just put a set of these on my 93 fs bronco size 33×12.5×15 so far awesome tire!! Best bang for your buck I think! Buddy has a tj jeep with MUDs on it and couldn’t make it up this rutted hill when it was dry just went up it WHILE it was RAINING like nothing so far very pleased highly RECOMMEND!!

  4. I bought a set of these without reading any review because I got sticker shock over the tires I really wanted.

    Anyways, they are quiet and ride real nice on the road. Owned them about 2 weeks and put a real nice gash in the sidewall on a rough riding rocky back road. This road was not boulders, just rocky and rough. Haven’t done this to a tire in a long time and am concerned about the durability. I use my truck on back roads, mud and sand quite a bit.

  5. But how do these Falken Rocky Mountain ATS do in the harsh eviroment of the southwest deserts!!??!! I’m about to find out. I ordered some wheels over at a discount tire and have an appointment to wrap them in a set of these.

    1. After a couple weeks of having these Rocky Mtn’s on I can say they are misnamed . . . Should be named Mohave Desert ATS. Couldn’t tell you how they are in the mountains but here in the desert . . these things are GREAT!! I’ve been through washes, over rocks, blasting down desert roads where most guys wouldn’t take their 4wds and they rarely loose grip and slip, out on the highway, they are quiet too. The ten plys are rugged and tough enough to survive the creosote sticks and little rock that threaten to puncture. The rains not long ago prooved no problem at all as mud is slung off and the tread grabs to provide excellent gription. I haven’t even had to air down in the sand yet. Great tread.

  6. I just got a set of these for my 84 Bronco 11. I had the Reminton Mud Brute 31×10.50 R15 for about 2 years. Great traction tire, but extremely loud.

    I had seen the Goodyear Wrangler Authority at Walmart, I loved the tread on this tire, but it was only a 2 ply tire and made exclusive for Walmart. Not being a fan of the big box stores.. I had to find another choice.

    I got the 31×10.50 R15 in the Falken Rocky Mountain ATS and I could not be more pleased. Very little road noise, great traction on the highway in rain, snow & ice. Great handling in the above. Great tire here in the Georgia red clay. For $ 611.00 I can not find one complaint about this tire so far.

  7. I have had a set of Falcons on my Mazda B4000 4×4 for about 7 years now. They are about half worn out, with about 50k on them. This truck is my hunting/working truck and is not babied. The traction is excellent and they are quiet on the highway at 70mph. They are the perfect tire, I will be getting another set for my F350 ford when it’s ready for a new set.

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