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IFS Axle Disassembly (Old School)

I don’t always disassemble an IFS half shaft…  But when I do I use kinetic energy. The world’s most interesting Land Cruiser Guy.

It does not happen often, but when you need to rebuild your font axle, its good to know how it all comes apart. Recently Metal Tech upgraded our front end, which involved rebuilding the front axles with longer shafts. While we where there, Mark Hawley demonstrated how to disassemble the front axles. The typical IFS method involves duct tape and a chop saw followed by cutting and throwing away the shaft. Instead of cutting, Mark went old school, calling on trick from the cruiser guys that uses a little kinetic energy release the shaft from the CVC.

For the price of some pipe or tubing you have laying around save yourself the cost of replacing the shaft or rounding up a chop saw.

One thought on “IFS Axle Disassembly (Old School)”

  1. what do you replace the snap ring with that got broken in the process of removing the shaft? Dealership does not seem to sell those? Thank you

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