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Epilogue: I Didn’t Hear The Fat Lady!

In Loving Memory Of Hula Betty

First lets thank our sponsors and all the folks who made this adventure possible:

  • Toyota Open Road Blog for their video of us and tracking our adventure on their blog.
  • Working Web Solutions: Portland Web Design and SEO for setting up the blog as well as all the cool features.
  • Metal Tech 4×4. who helped out with a custom fab for the larger tires and installed the bull bar, winch and Sway-A-Way suspension.
  • Taylor Made T-Shirts provided help with the Last Great Road Trip t-shirts
  • Heartland Toyota of Bremerton ensured the FJ was lubed, aligned and ready to go

The trip odometer reads 5,816 miles. Take into account the larger tire diameter and correct the calculation you find we traveled 6,105 miles. Add to that the 468 miles traveled on the ferry and we have a total road trip adventure of 6,573.

Common wisdom says when you’re picking out a room mate don’t choose someone you know and like. You’re going to spend a lot of time with this person and eventually little personality flaws will start to cause you to grind your teeth. The same can be said for an extended expedition.

Dad and I were on this adventure morning noon and night, 24×7 for 19 days. And although I’m positive my character flaws stood out like a teenage pimple on prom night, Dad seemed to look the other way and didn’t let anything come between us. Knowing that you are loved and accepted no matter what, is a great feeling and one I grew up with. This unconditional acceptance has allowed me to take risks that would have been too scary without such a safety net.

We saw a lot of grizzlies and musk oxen and caribou and moose and sheep (daul & stone) and ground squirrels and ptarmigans and fish and… We saw magnificent landscapes… We met new friends… and found out a little about ourselves and each other.

Toyota Open Blog & Trama: The Drama told all their friends about us. Our friends told their friends and soon folks from all over the world tuned into our adventure. Many left comments, some sent private messages, but all supported the adventure and thanked us for sharing our thoughts. We appreciate everyone’s comments and knowing that we were connected to a larger community all sharing a love of the road and an understanding of diversity.

For those of you who want more watch for “4WD Toyota Owner” to run a story on our adventure in an upcoming issue.

The “Last” in last great road trip does not mean there wont be another. Last refers to the few exciting adventures left out there in the world’s “roads.” There are still a few left they are just much harder to find. The Arctic Circle qualifies! We’re looking for the next last great one and want to hear your thoughts: Baja, Zihuatanejo, or even Tierra del Fuego! With any luck the next off road adventure will include a diverse group of family and friends, a veritable cadre of diversification celebration.

3 thoughts on “Epilogue: I Didn’t Hear The Fat Lady!”

  1. I still tune into this blog everyday to read what’s new. I guess now I have to let go for a while until you come up with a new idea.
    Your exciting stories will be sorely missed by me!

  2. What a nice way ending to your blog or is it an ending can we expect more? I’m still waiting for the world to discover you as a writer. Mom was crying again when she read the blog tonight. You are scoring BIG TIME. I’m glad you enjoyed the trip. Dad in his VERY SHORT way of answering said he had a blast too.

  3. Well shoot I guess I am way behind. Great epilogue. Wraps it up, yet leaves us wanting more.

    If you do Zihau I am so there. You know, watching from the pool with frosty beverage in hand. I promise to tell everyone in the resort about it.

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