ogilvie ridge alaska

The Beaten Path Is For Wusses

Chicken, Deadhorse, Tok, Wiseman and Coldfoot are towns who’s populations don’t break triple digits… Haul Road, Top of the World and Dempster are highways in name only with more washboard gravel and sand than blacktop.

Small towns that require bombing down gravel roads means you wont find the condo commando’s in white shoes and matching white belt. As we go from one middle of no where little spot to the next, we are hoping to find miles of solitude, true human stories and real life characters along with a little untamed wildlife.

With any luck folks from these little towns will find invite us in to record their story and help us celebrate the diversity of eight billion voices.

A little factoid: Legend has it that Chicken, Alaska (everyone has a tourist site) was named Chicken because the original inhabitants could not decide on how to spell of Ptarmigan, a bird similar to the grouse. My kind of people and remember it is a stale mind that can spell a word only one way!

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