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When Is A Road Trip Not A Road Trip…

When is a road trip not a road trip you ask, when you call it an Arctic Ocean expedition. Arctic Ocean Expedition: . These guys ran a similar course to ours but stayed in Canada. We are a little west and will drive farther north up to the northern most point in Alaska. And we still call this just a road trip… Ok an Adventure Road Trip… or is that adventure expedition… well a road trip by any other name.

Scott Brady and his crew from Expedition Portal / Overland Journal has me convinced (ok thinking really hard) Inuvik is a side trip we should add.  Sure it’s 500 miles out of the way (a 1,000 when you figure getting back) but this is the great white north and that is just a little out of the way when every place is 500 miles from the next place. Putting a pin in the most Northern Town in Canada makes for a great addition to the North Slope, Alaska.

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