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Baja Off-Road Adventure The Video

You read all the Baja off-road adventure stories…  You did read them all right?  Now grab a bucket of popcorn and a 96 oz. drink (its only a quarter more), sit back and enjoy the movie. What else were you planning on doing for the next 23 minutes.

Robert Ebert (no relation to Roger) says: “I laughed, I cried, it became part of me as I watched the story of two friends’ off road adventure through Mexico, following the Baja 1000 race course from Ensenada Mexico to Cabo San Lucas unfold.”

Pegg Frost of Movie Reviews from Hell’s Kitchen writes: “It’s Hot! Thankfully, this isn’t just a pop-culture checklist, a la What I Did On My Summer Vacation Movie, but rather Hula Betty takes a cinematography risk that pays off for audiences everywhere. Fans will laugh knowingly.”

Bajallywood raves: “Expect to see Hula Betty on the red carpet in a very fashionable designer grass skirt. Possibly Marc Jacobs.”

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