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Toyota Open Road BLOG Celebrates Diversity Like Us

Like us Toyota recognizes the value of others and how coming together in celebration of our diversity is important for all of us. Take a look at the thoughts of Toyota’s Bruce C. Ertmann, Corporate Communications.

TOYOTA OPEN ROAD BLOG: “PRIDE at Toyota: Business Partnering Groups foster Respect for People

Let us known how you feel about the other 8 billion voices in the world.

Update: Toyota has replaced it’s blog with a press room website. This is unfortunate since the Toyota story we had linked to left a great impression on us.   Now that is it gone…  you’ll just have to take our word for it.

2 thoughts on “Toyota Open Road BLOG Celebrates Diversity Like Us”

  1. Thank you for citing our blog posting re diversity at Toyota. We take it quite seriously, and diversity and inclusion are integral components of our long-held business philosophy known as the “Toyota Way.”

    As you have emphasized in this blog that chronicles an exciting adventure, being diverse within a community or a business is not only the right thing to do, it adds real value and helps establish an environment characterized by unfettered personal achievement, true Kaizen and peace.


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