fj cruiser rubicon trail rock crawling

Did You Hear the Big Rubithon News

Mark By Rubicon SignWhere can you find hundreds of Toyota 4x4s racing from across the country to parade seven miles like a herd of turtles? What will draw seemingly sane people to put themselves and their rigs in harms way to attend? What is celebrating its 25th anniversary, brings together Toyota 4×4 clubs from across the globe and is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

What’s next for us?  We want to stay on the west coast and add some hard core wheeling to our off-road adventure calendar. And for Toyota guys like us, it’s the 25th anniversary of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association’s (TLCA) Rubithon.  Three days on the Rubicon trail will bring us to the “Springs” where the TLCA will hold two days of partying and wheeling.  We’ll be leaving Loon Lake on June 18th and running with the Toyota FJ Cruiser group led by Mark and LT from Metal Tech 4×4.

On this run we wont be just one of the wheelers.  We’ll be driving cleanup to help out rigs in the rear and ensure no one gets left behind.   This will also be the first event that Last Great Road Trip helps out by sponsoring one of the raffle prizes.  By providing a little sponsorship love, we hope to give back to a sport that has provided us with more then just weekend fun.

This off-road adventure will be Brad’s first all out, hard core wheeling experience.  As navigator for our Baja off-road adventure and the UTBDR Brad worked tirelessly to keep the team on track.  The Rubicon will test his pucker levels and spotting skills as well as provide him with plenty of opportunities to video tape the toughest seven miles of Northern California’s most famous county road.

In the next few weeks the team will be readying the rig, selecting gear and prepping to bring our on-line fans every exciting moment of this next last great road trip.