florence dunes

Day 0 Night Before The Dunes

Like a kid waiting for Christmas day I’ve been looking forward to the Northwest FJ Cruisers Club’s off-road adventure at the Oregon Dunes just out side of Florence.  To ready the rig, I greased it up, checked all the fluids, torqued the wheels, examined belts and hoses as well as going over all my recovery gear and tools in prep for the run. I packed the rig up for the two day run including camera and video gear.

I checked and double check… And after making it as far as Portland… My wife tells friends, I always forget something and I feel it is important to prover her right. In the morning I will be buying another CB antenna. Apparently you can’t have enough antennas since this will be my third in the collection I’m building… But an antenna seems like a small price to pay for what will surely be fun in the sand.

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