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Naches 4×4 Adventure Video

When we go on a 4×4 off-road adventure the video camera is always on…  After three days with the NWFJCC in the Naches Area we had hours of video.  One of the great things is that we get to see all the fun times and relive the off-road adventure.  And even though we watched all the hours,  we know you don’t want to…  come on be honest… you can only watch rigs and listen to us babble so long before the drone of engines and voice overs puts you into a catatonic, schizophrenia, give me a gun suicidal state of mind.

So here is ten minutes, of three days in the Naches Area…  be sure to check out breakfast and see some of the cast of players on this adventure.

Some off-road adventures are worth reliving.

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