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Almost Famous

thank you from last great road tripFirst of all THANK YOU to all y’all (y’all is singular)  who read our off-road adventure stories, watch our videos and of course click through a Google ad or two.  We just crossed the 100,000 visits mark for the year.  How do we know?  Is it through CIA Satellite spy cameras? Are we psychic employing mystical oil spot readings?  Have we asked your mother?

If you’re a Dad of a teenager you know what a big deal it is when I tell you that about a month ago my daughter saw the analysts, cracked a smile and showed her friends (translation: slightly impressed that so many (ok any) people follow her dad’s website).  She still thinks I’m a dork, just a more popular dork.

Turns out folks in Bahrain, Guam, Chile, Greece, all over the world have found the site.  Well 100,000 folks can’t be wrong so we will continue to share our stories.  OK we would put our stories out there even if no one read them…  but it feels good to think we are almost famous. And no matter how you found us, THANK YOU for following along. And don’t forget to click a Google Ad or two… We need the gas money.

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