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Cutting To The Chase With A Scalpel Not An Axe

Getting information from the Internet can be like drinking from a fire hose. The internet can bring you some of what you want and so much junk that you give up and throw out the baby with the car seat. One good source of refined information for all things Toyota is @Toyota Behind the Wheel.

This past Saturday Toyota brought thousands of volunteers together across America to clean up National Public Lands. It is nice to find a company working to protect and enhance thousands of miles of off-road trails to ensure all of us have a place to wheel and enjoy time with friends and family.

It was Behind the Wheel that let us know about this event a few weeks back. They also keep us up on the Trails Team, race schedule, new model year and just about anything else Toyota is up to.

UPDATE: The down side of the Internet is resources tend to disappear to easily.  @Toyota Behind the Wheel like so many good sources of information has been retired.

We’ll keep looking for publications that bring information to you like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day… so you can plan for your next off road adventure.

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