Little Sluice rubicon trail over time

Whooo Hooo! Blue Bunny on the CON!

That was the the message I received back after I let Mark (those of you who remember the tail of the Blue Bunny understand Mark’s affection for the nick name) know I would be able to join him on Metal Tech ‘s Rubicon Trail adventure planned for the end of summer.

As off-road adventures go, the Rubicon Trail (Rubicon Trail Map) is perhaps one of the most well known off-road 4×4 trails in the world. With claim to the birthplace of rock crawling and a rich history that dates back to the 1950’s.   The Con combines breath taking scenery with extreme off-road challenge.   Most of the trail consists of large boulders and rocky terrain. When the rocks abate, the trail go across huge granite slabs which have steep inclines and sharp drop offs. This trail is not for the faint at heart! Did I mention it is rated a ‘Most Difficult’ 10.

Mark’s plan is for the group to meet up in Sacramento and spend the night in a hotel (so far I like his plan)…  Head up the Rubicon Trail on Sunday spending the night under the stars at Buck Island Lake and than Monday wind our way through Rubicon Springs, up to Lake Tahoe and back to Sacramento.

This will be a small group of Toyota FJ Cruisers with folks coming in from Texas, Colorado and now Poulsbo… This trip will put my skills and the rig’s IFS Long Travel to the test.  And while I’m not counting on much help from Hula Betty (although she has a great view from the dash) I know Mark’s experience, patience and ability to fix just about anything I break will make this an adventure to remember….  Curious about the trip?  Keep reading Rubicon Trail the ultimate 4×4 adventure.

4 thoughts on “Whooo Hooo! Blue Bunny on the CON!”

    1. Joyce… I’ll be careful… but I’m sure wheeling is much less risky than going to some recluse’s “Adams Family” house in the scariest part of town to preform a signing… How bad can a 50ft sheer drop off be…

  1. You have large cojones to tackle this one. I hiked it in high school and that was tough! Just Jeep parts littering the trail back then.

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