metal tech 4x4 100 series slider

100 Series Land Cruiser Sliders

There is a long rich Land Cruisers heritage.  Over its long off-road history the Land Cruiser has led off-road adventures all around the world.

When we started getting serious about taking our FJ Cruiser on off-road adventures, a pair of rock rails (aka sliders) were installed (FJ Cruiser slider install) to keep the rocks from crushing our door sills and help the rig slide around an obstacle.

Over the years the Land Cruiser has taken on many sizes and now the popular 100 series has protection for whatever off-road adventure you have planned.

Recently Metal Tech announced the official release of their 100 series Land Cruiser sliders.  Over a year in the making, Metal Tech 4×4 is releasing their signature laser cut and formed sliders with their two stage rub rail design.

The unique Metal Tech look and engineered design protect your rig, enhance the looks and provide a solid step for reaching those items stowed on the roof rack.  The sliders are 100% bolt on, powder coated black and includes all the mounting hardware.

4 thoughts on “100 Series Land Cruiser Sliders”

  1. I cant wait to get my set of Metal Tech sliders! Order placed and production is set to start. Ill shoot over a pic when they arrive.

  2. I cannot wait to get these on my land cruiser. Cant afford them at the moment, but i can finally go crawling with my buddies rather than sticking to the mud. Im so pumped!

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