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Off-Road On The UTBDR

This is the off-road adventure story of three men who set out to explore the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route (UTBDR) looking for challenge but found so much more.

Every off-road adventure is filled with ups and downs.  How the team deals with adversity says a lot about them and on this off-road adventure, the men of LGRT faced extreme adversity.

The Off-Road Adventure Unfolds Day by Day

One thought on “Off-Road On The UTBDR”

  1. Great video! I hope to do the UTBDR around May next year. Trying to get some extra gear/mods before then to stay safe. Theh hopefully each other BDR every year after.

    Nice trip! Let me know next time you’re in Moab/Utah area!

    jesmor3 on blue room

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