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Cobra 75 wx st CB Radio Install

Installing a CB Radio in a Toyota FJ Cruiser is an easy do it yourself project.  Several years back we installed a Cobra 75 wt CB radio in our truck.  Unfortunately back then we didn’t take the time to create a how to video.  So when Voodoo Brad asked us to help him install his CB radio we jumped at the chance.

If you follow our step by step instruction for installing a Cobra 75 wt CB radio in a Toyota FJ Cruiser you will need a few other components to install a complete CB system.  Below is the parts list we have used on both our Toyota FJ Cruiser CB radio installs:

  • Cobra 75 wt CB Radio
  • Firestik MU8R18 18′ EZ-Install CB Coaxial Cable
  • Firestik II 4′ fiberglass CB antenna
  • All Pro Bandi Mount
  • Firestik K1A CB Antenna Quick Disconnect
  • Firestik K4R CB Antenna Stud Mount
  • Firestik SS3H CB Antenna Spring Heavy Duty
  • SWR meter

And if you need help Tuning Your CB Radio we have help for that.

It really is this easy to install a CB yourself and have professional results.

7 thoughts on “Cobra 75 wx st CB Radio Install”

  1. Very good but would love a picture of the mike and external speaker placement… I was considering left of the Speedometer panel just above the fog light switch for the microphone and on the passenger side of the center console for the speaker… but would like your opinion.

    1. We don’t use an external speaker and simply rest the CB/mic in a cup holder on top of the center console. We also disconnect the CB/mic when not on a trip.

  2. I’m basically running the same setup but the only difference is I’m using a Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB. I’m pulling out the stock radio and putting cb radio in it’s place. How did you attach the spring to the stud nut?

  3. Hello, have you experienced any issue with moisture or debris getting in where you punched the wire loom boot at the rear door?

    Thinking about doing this install in a couple weeks once all my parts come ine.

    1. No moisture gets in because the hole in the boot is small requiring the rubber boot stretch tightly around the wire. We use a Firestik MU8R18 18′ EZ-Install CB Coaxial Cable with removable end to allow for a smaller hole in the boot.

  4. Have you had any interference with the CB? Been hearing that going straight to the battery is best to avoid interference. I’m also thinking about a simple unit that plugs into the aux power / lighter for power since I don’t use it often.

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