toyota fj cruiser front long travel suspension flex

Too Much Wheel Travel, Is There Such A Thing?

As the saying goes “you can never be too thin or too rich”.  We’d add, your rig can never have too much wheel travel on an off-road adventure.  To that end we finally took the plunge and threw out the stock independent front suspension (IFS) and replaced it with Total Chaos’ 2″ long travel kit…

Now, we could go into a write up with pictures, witty descriptions and clever verbal banter that you have come to expect from us, but than you would not have incentive to read the article we shipped of to “4WD Toyota Owner”…  Hopefully this video will hold you over… if you’re really jonesing for a story you can always check the archives.

We will tell you, this set up allows you to dial in more lift for bigger tires or add droop for more travel.  Since we spend more time bombing down dirt roads than crawling over boulders and rock we choose to utilize all of the 11.5 inches of travel dialing in more droop to keep the rig riding fast and smooth over miles of washboards.

So how does it ride you ask… you know you were thinking that. The ride is incredible.  We had a chance to take it off road a little bit and the ride unbelievable…  and those pothole filled back roads are not match for this setup.  Even without the sway bar, the rig corners like it is on rails with very little body roll.  No it doesn’t handle like a Porsche, but you can’t take a Porsche where angle fear to tread.

4 thoughts on “Too Much Wheel Travel, Is There Such A Thing?”

    1. no since they are designed for Porche’s boots. I’ve had more trouble over time with the Toyota boot clamps.

  1. Thanks of the video, vey helpful! I did a 3″ lift with out to much research and I am hating how it rides. Looks pretty sweet but ride doesn’t match the look. Still in the middle of understanding car parts. So With the Total Chaos I need to also purchase the coil over? Thanks for your time.

    1. yup… you “get” to buy a new set of coilovers… these will get you about 6″ of travel on 3″ of lift. But before you go there… check out our story on FJ Cruiser Lifts. And talk to a reputable shop like Metal Tech about your 3″ lift options. You didn’t mention what brand you went with but the right coilovers or wrong make a big difference on the ride, depending on what your looking for in the ride.

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