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Bill Burke Is Coming To Town

It is not everyday that you get the opportunity to learn from the best in off-road. And when you have that opportunity by all means take it.

Bill Burke is an internationally recognized 4×4 trainer who teaches back country driving techniques, winching and extrication methods, vehicle preparation and maintenance, land navigation and woods’ skills. And with every outing comes additional training on environmental awareness and trail etiquette.

Among his accreditation, Bill is a permitted outfitter guide through the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. Bill also travels the globe to consult and to lead back country expeditions, and serves as a technical consultant in the areas of 4-wheeling expertise and environmental concerns to various businesses, the media, 4-wheel drive manufacturers, dealerships and government organizations.

Bill is going to be in the Northwest to conduct a number of classes in the Portland and Seattle areas. Several clubs and groups including the North West FJ Cruisers Club and Northwest Overland Society are already making reservations for their members.

We have our reservation.  Now is the time to make contact with one of the clubs or Bill Burke’s Off-Road Driving to secure your place in one of his up coming classes in the Northwest.  Everyone who has ever taken Bill’s training class, many have taken it multiple times, say it is one of the best training sessions they ever took.

Hope to see you at a training session and if you can’t make the training check out some of Bill’s videos and other training materials.

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