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Fame And Glory (aka Getting Lost With Purpose)

Livingston I presume…

We have been exploring our world ever since the day we first climbed down from the trees.  Some expeditions have been more successful than others.   Hilleray climbed high, Cousteau went deep and it cost Scott his life.  Explores of the past followed the road less traveled to satisfy their curiosity of the unknown.  Modern explores continue the tradition and although there is less unknown, the opportunity to go further has never been greater.

Just like the art of war, a successful off-road adventures succeeds before it ever leaves the garage.  Planning, team selection, fund raising, did I mention planning, all go into making an off road adventure a success rather than a catastrophe. Even in this high-tech world, initially you only need a piece of paper, a pencil and a quiet corner where no one will disturb you as you start to plan your off road adventure.

As before, modern day off-road adventure leaders face an overwhelming responsibility when planning, undertaking and even returning from an expedition.  The Royal Geographical Society (RGS), a learned society and professional body for geography (you’ve got to love the pomp of the Brits) has been collecting information since 1830.  Thankfully the RGS has compiled nearly two hundred years of exploring into the RSG Expedition Handbook to assist today’s explorers.  This is no wimpy pamphlet.  The handbook is 482 pages of valuable information.  Everything you’ll need from project management, leadership, nutrition and field medicine to fund raising, film-making and post expedition lectures.  This truly is a complete handbook which every explorer should study.

Whether your off-road adventure goal is to satisfy personal curiosity, pursue scientific investigation or simply attain fame and glory, a well planned off-road adventure increases the chances that you will reach your goal and return safely.

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