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Finding Your Way

You may have noticed a new tab up top that links to our off-road adventure map page. Maps are invaluable on the trail and in planning your off-road trip. How do you get to the trail head.  Where are the closest roads if you have to hike out or if medical attention is required and you need to cut your adventure short? Where are good camping locations when your covering multiple days? Where are your water or fuel stops? Where does that trail spur reconnect with the main trail…  Where the hell am I?

Don’t under estimate the value of a good map. Good maps are important and can save your life.

There are truck loads of free resources out there but don’t forget you get what you pay for. In planning our off-road adventures we use lots of  resources including road Atlas and Gazetteers as well as BLM, Green trails and National Geographic TOPO maps.

If nothing else, maps let you dream about and plan your next off-road adventure on those late nights when you’re stuck at work.

Go to our Map Page for down loadable maps we’ve found handy in planning some our off-road adventures.

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