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Danger is My Middle Name

Off-road adventures are filled with dangers. Mechanical breakdowns, lost in the cold and wet, broken bones, hypothermia and heat exposure are all real dangers.  We prepare for these risk with spare parts, extra water and clothing, first aid kits, communication equipment, maps and a host of recovery equipment.

We don’t usually prepare for drug gangs, kidnapping or violent criminal activities. However, this is exactly the situation in north Mexico. Unfortunately the LA Times story Border drug violence sparks travel alert for Mexico reported “The U.S. State Department in Mexico issued a travel alert yesterday, prompted by drug violence in the north of Mexico.”

This drug war presents a danger beyond the usual off-road adventure risks and has us watching the Department of State Travel site for the latest information. So we sit and we worry if this will escalate into a situation that keeps us from traveling the Baja. It’s not like we’re going to Mexico for spring break!

2 thoughts on “Danger is My Middle Name”

  1. We have traveled into Baja numerous times, but we have not driven down for years: border violence had not been the reason but it certainly is now. As of late, we fly down and drive a hugely overpriced-since we are too chicken to go without most of the insurance-rental car, up to Los Barriles. Now that I am one of the 27 million travel bloggers, I recently posted a whole series from our latest adventures.

    It’s one thing to risk the perils of the life aquatic (apologies to Steve Zissou) or nighttime driving on Highway 1: but worrying about border bandits ain’t my idea of a good time.

    We had hoped to drive down to Los Barriles next time, but not until I get a credible “all clear” signal.

    (If you are really bored, my pre-blog stories of Baja are at

  2. Paul! I am currently “in between” jobs – therefore I have the time, strong will, and the need for a roadtrip! Sign me up I have a passport and promise not to talk your ear off. Well, I will at least try ;}

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