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Never Say Never, Baja 20??

vulture on cactus in bajaThe best laid off-road adventure plans of mice and men still depends on luck and it looks like ours is running a little short.  Based on the US State Departments Travel alert and some conflicts with team members’ scheduling we are putting our Baja trip on the back burner

Hopefully as things settle down we can get this trip back on track.  In the mean time we are working to fill the travel calendar with NW adventures and club runs.

——– follow up ——–

No the situation did not change in Baja.  But we threw caution to the wind anyway and decided it was a good day to die.  We took off on our Baja Off-Road Adventure.  It was so worth it…  don’t ever let fear of the unknown hold you back. Be cautious but move forward.

2 thoughts on “Never Say Never, Baja 20??”

  1. Have you looked in to drop-shipping the rig past the border towns and just getting away from most of the violence? Or how about I meet you in McAllen Texas and we drive to the Yucatan? It’s not Baja but it’s something and I’m cold.

  2. Sorry to hear about the delay on the Baja plans, but I understand. I wanted to go down to Baja 1000 next year and feel the wind off a trophy truck as it jumps the whoops next to me…… alas, I don’t see it happening. Everyone seems to say drive during the day, stay in groups, and all will be fine. I’m still a bit nervous about it though as even my friend in Mexico is concerned about things.

    Guess theres always next year 🙂


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