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Small World… Big Adventure (note on the road)

Man walking baja dirt road I am always amazed how small the world is and the further you travel on an off-road adventure the smaller it seems to get.  Hula Betty’s family is from a little town called Drewsey in Easter Oregon.  When I say little town, I mean the town consists of an all in one post office gas station mini-mart store which is across from the bar.  That is it.  The population is 609 men, 571 women and more live stock than you can shake a stick at.  This town is so small

  • both city limit signs are on the same post
  • the phone book is only one page
  • second street is in the next town over
  • a night on the town only takes 10 minutes
  • the other side of the tracks is a county away.

You get it…  The town is small.

Well today in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico nearly 2,500 miles south of Eastern Oregon I met the nicest couple who were from there and knew Hula Betty’s family.  They were a great couple traveling with a friends and exploring South Baja a little.  We had a great chat, talking about our travels and telling them of our adventures.

These folks reminded me that we are all connected to each other and that what separates a good adventure from a great one is the people you and the friends you make along the way.  This is definitely shaping up to be a great adventure.

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