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The Sound of One Hand Clapping!

I have mentioned that my grandmother was born in Chihuahua Mexico and when we started our celebration of diversity on the road we had culture and race in mind. With humor and the backing of Pepsico/EnAble, the folks at National Association of the Deaf (NAD) pulled off this commercial during the 2008 Super Bowl reminding us that diversity has many voices. The commercial cost around 6 million dollars. Any company willing pay millions to promote a celibration of diversity deserves a little credit. The 60-second spot was developed by Pepsi employees who are deaf and features dialogue in American Sign Language as well as subtitles for the signing impaired.


This spot is based on a popular joke in the deaf community, demonstrating once again how important it is for us to laugh at ourselves and remember we are all in this together.

There is a whole series of “Bob’s House” videos out there… enjoy them all and share with others.

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