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What’s In A Word

Sometimes we cling to words like a drowning man to a straw…  Some people find comfort in their familiarity, some use them to comfort others and help.  However, some use words to feel superior while others wield words like a knife to cut down anything different.

This point was driven home to me the other day… just a bunch of simple comments posted on the forums.  Comments mocking the website’s use of the term “beadlocker” rather than beadlock wheel and implying the whole “How To Mount Tires on Beadlocker Wheels” story was of no value since the author was not versed in the vernacular they use.

These beadlocker comments are of course nothing and not the point… But it highlights the fact that some people are assaulted by words for being seen as different.  Some people constantly take an onslaught of slanders so others can feel good about themselves at the expense of others.

This post will not change anyone’s life but hopefully it will encourage readers to at least think about standing up for another who is under a verbal assault.  And I mean a real assault with verbal daggers about race, religion, age, gender or sexual preference.

To fully understand the affects of words and how to stand up for others, read one of the best perspectives on the subject, “Speak UP!” put out by Teaching Tolerance.

By the way:  google beadlockers we’re not along…

One thought on “What’s In A Word”

  1. Well, LGRT, I for one know that you have pretty thick skin and are maybe even mildly amused by people who try to break through it, so I’m pretty sure that any negative comments made by those who feel safety in the anonimity of the internet are simply words to you. But you’re absolutely right. People like that don’t get the concept of being nice, or polite, or considerate, or having good manners. They also probably live pretty miserable lives, and try to blame everyone else for it. Go figure. We reap what we sow.

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