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Extreme Sports Meets the Sunday Drive

Everyone knows America has a love affair with the automobile. And with the advent of capable 4×4 trucks and SUVs the Sunday drive has evolved into an overland adventure. Overland adventures are part road trip and part expedition involving multi-day, off-road, destination-bound, vehicle-dependent travel. The destinations range from the African Savanna or the southern tip of South America, north to the Arctic Circle. One father son team of adventurers, known as the Last Great Road Trip, recently completed a trip to several northern destinations including the Arctic Ocean, and are now turning their rig south to the Baja peninsula of Mexico.

When asked about the appeal of off-road adventures Paul Thompson, the lead driver of the Last Great Road Trip, said, “These off-road adventures challenge you on all sorts of levels, including project management, driving skills, navigation, and problem solving. In addition you have an opportunity to experience diverse driving terrains, wild life and cultures that make our lives much richer. If you grew up reading National Geographic or enjoy the Discovery Channel, you are going to love off road adventures.”

While destinations and the amount of money spent on equipment, guides and services vary, one thing is certain, more and more web sites and blogs are appearing on the Internet telling the tail of these new Lewis and Clark adventurers. Each one telling a different story about how they found their way off the beaten path.

For more information about one off-road adventure team see where you will find stories, pictures and videos as well as rants and raves about their off-road adventure to the Arctic Ocean and as far south as Baja, finishing in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Last Great Road Trip is supported by friends and sponsors who make their off road adventures possible including:

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