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NPR and Last Great Road Trip

Today, dad and I came together on a conference call with Aingaran “Ike” Sriskandarajah , a young National Public Radio (NPR) intern. Ike is from Brown University interning in Petersburg Alaska with KFSK. Turns out Ike got excited about the last great road trip because of his drive from the west coast to Brown last fall. And although Ike had the university as an end goal, he said he found himself wishing he could keep going.

As we told Ike, while the Arctic Circle is our destination, it’s the journey there and back that holds the adventure for us. Although we must admit, telling everyone we are driving to the Arctic Circle sounds so much more impressive than saying we’re bound for Kansas.

Ike, dad and I chatted for about an hour on a number of topics including reasons for the trip, if we play by the office rules of road trip bingo and how we came up with this road trip adventure. Ike tells us the interview will be broadcast on Father’s day which is appropriate considering how this trip is all about my opportunity to spend time with my dad. You can hear the full interview on KFSK

We will be stopping in Petersburg Alaska riding the Marine Highway ferry on August 26 at 10:15 pm. Turns out Ike leaves the island for Brown two days before we get there. Maybe we can swing by the station while the we are docked in port.

2 thoughts on “NPR and Last Great Road Trip”

  1. What a great trip for you and your Dad! Good luck, it sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Watch out for bears, bring extra toilet paper, and leave that blackberry in Poulsbo. Love the site too. We’ll be watching from London. Cheers!

  2. WOW – You have people all over the world keeping tabs on you. I’ll be watching your progress from my sunny little peninsula hide away

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