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Toyota Shares a Love For the Open Road

We are thrilled to announce Toyota’s Open Road Blog is joining forces with Last Great Road Trip to bring you coverage of our adventure. Look for video coverage of our rig, a Toyota 2007 FJ Cruiser, and interviews with our adventurers as Toyota and Last Great Road Trip spread the word about adventures, celebrating diversity and the bonds between fathers and sons.

With our departure moved up to Thursday, August 23, you now have a choice of Blog sites to follow the adventures. Be sure to let Toyota know you are as excited as we are that they will cove the trip.

2 thoughts on “Toyota Shares a Love For the Open Road”

  1. Paul & Jim – I just read [almost-sigh] every word on your site. I am amazed and amused . . but most of all impressed – not only with the magnitude of your adventure but with your graphic and gripping descriptions. Paul, you are an talented writer . . but you know that already. I will be following your track marks. We are looking forward to the first hand “recounting” of the days. Hugs. Be safe. Vaya con Dios!

  2. I finally figured it out, Paul. Thanks for the instructions. Your rig is awesome. If I don’t talk to you again this week, have a wonderful and exhilirating trip. I want to read blogs daily.

    take care and be safe,


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