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Overland Chat

Our web site’s video log “LRGT the vlog” is filled with random thoughts, ideas and short chats about overland travel, off-road adventures, road trips and camping experiences.  These are the topics you might talk about with friends sitting around the camp fire on your own overland travel adventure.


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Everyone should have easy access to a small every day carry (EDC) tool kit in their overland truck.  We put ours together recycling a old purse and a few tools we already had on hand.

This has to be the most innovative swing out rear bumper for the Lexus GX470 (Toyota Land Cruiser Parado) out there…  and reason #5 I’m on the look out for a GX470 to buildup.

When we find good stuff we want to let you know about it.  FLOOD-IT Pro LED work light review.

I’m never as free as when I’m on the open road.
Stop by and say hi to us at the NW Overland Rally.

We’re always on the look out for better ways to store and carry our gear when overlanding, camping or on an off-road adventure. We wanted to pass on this find: Ridgid tool organizer box.

dehydration can cost you your life. We’re not fooling around here. Stay hydrated on your off-road adventures.

Loading your overland vehicle right for an off-road adventure is easy if you follow some basic guidelines.

Leave no trace is a big part of a tread lightly off-road philosophy. Carrying and using an oil spill kit to clean up any fluids that may find their way out is a great way to protect the environment.

Find out why you want to let the air out of your tires before you go on your next off-road adventure.  And we have step by step directions for setting your Stuan Tyre Deflators.

Want to down load the checklist we talk about in this 3 off-road tips video? We have that for you in our post at: off-road adventure checklist

The Blue Bunny has gone through a lot of changes since 2006. This is not your average walk around video.  See the full mod list: Toyota FJ Cruiser off-road build

Simply wearing the right footwear can make a big difference in how you feel on an off-road adventure.

The camping stove you bring along will determine what and how you cook on an off-road adventure. Picking the right stove.

The life you save could be your own. Make sure you are prepared with the right wilderness first aid kit before your next off-road adventure.

Recovery gear can be the difference between driving or walking out. We talk about the recovery gear we carry and it’s basic usage.

What is your favorite road trip memory? Was it a family vacation, a graduation get away, or a random trip you turned into an adventurous excursion?

Why can’t we all just get along. Don’t wheel with me if you can’t.

Want to know if a long travel lift kit will help when it comes to rock crawling?

Safe travels to everyone traveling this holiday season.

You can read and watch more (Cline Buttes off-road adventure) but we had to give you our on-the-trail thoughts about Cline Buttes

Gloves can be cool… really! And they are absolutely necessary on an off road adventure.

We wanted to show you this footage because, well, it’s SEMA and Vegas.

Had to start somewhere so this is it.


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