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Micro Trail Run

Recently we were down in Newberg, OR. to get our custom Metal Tech sliders installed… but that’s another story (FJ Cruiser slider installation).

When it was all said and done… it was time to play. And as Hula Betty is fond of saying, we’re all just little boys at heart… so of course we played in the dirt, although I prefer to think of it as a micro trail run.

Behind the shop the land lord is filling in a riven, so he can pave paradise and put up a parking lot. But in the minds of little boys with really cool toys, the piles of dirt are the dunes of Little Sahara, Moab’s Elephant Hill, or a Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR) short-course.

For those keeping up with the program, Mark is in the Pollux Orange FJ Cruiser and LT brought out the big dog, his OD, 76 FJ40 running on Propane.

The guys were patient with me and helped me get up and down the hills… Who knew these things had a second gear for running up the hills. Thanks guys for all the fun in the dirt, I’ll have my mom call your mom and see when we can play next.

One thought on “Micro Trail Run”

  1. Intellectually, I know what you are doing is a childish waste of time, but man it looks FUN. It must be a guy thing. Maybe I can slap some really big tires on my Sonata and ……..


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