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Think Camel and Eye of a Needle

trd fj cruiser naches wagon trail stumpWhile not recommended, letting your thoughts drift as you drive down the highway is a favorite past time for many.  On the trail, letting your attention drift usually results in carnage or at the very least, dings and dents.  At times on this off-road adventure I swear it seemed like we were driving on a wide hiking trail rather than a 4×4 trail (not to worry my Tread Lightly friends, it was a marked 4×4 trail…  just a very narrow one).

Awhile back we played in the Naches area camping and wheeling with friends.  Coming back we took the historic Naches Wagon Trail over the Cascades.   There is something about wheeling on historic trails that gives you a sense of how lucky we are to stand on the shoulders of the men and women who came before us.  Living in the Pacific Northwest is a blessing often taken for granted by those of us who did not endure the hardships of getting here.  While I try to honor the past and the accomplishments of others, I can only hope my children will stand a little taller because of the legacy I leave behind…  what ever that maybe.

But in the mean time we will focus on our driving and squeezing down the trail. Be the camel… naa naa naa naa naaaa.

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