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4×4 Adventure BBC Style

Awhile back our friends at Metal Tech were approached by the BBC to help them with a Toyota FJ40 they were taking on a off-road adventure from Bolivia to the Pacific Ocean. And in true Top Gear antics, it was not your average off-road adventure.

Mark and LT spent time in the jungle, the desert and in the mountains of South America with Top Gear crews on a race where the BBC purchased sight unseen and not quit what they expected (they would have you believe), a Suzuki, a Range Rover and a Toyota FJ40. Than set out to drive them on 1,000 miles of hell has no mercy South American roads.

We wont spoil the ending, but see how many Metal Tech stickers and products you can spot on the Toyota FJ40 after it goes through its transformation.

I laughed… I cried… This video is all about what I love in off-road adventures. Who knows… Someday the Blue Bunny may make the trek over the Andes.

6 thoughts on “4×4 Adventure BBC Style”

  1. Awesome video! Awesome job! I love Top Gear, one of the all time greatest shows. I hope the metal tech guys got to meet Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and Capt Slow himself, James May.
    Well done! Very cool.

  2. Paul, thank you for putting this up! It was an epic adventure and I would do it again. Preferably with a handful of guys, you would be one of them for sure.

    oshea12566: yes we worked, slept and ate next to the “presenters” shooting the show. Camping in the jungle all the tents, basically used the same stakes! One seen camping on the road, well that was real. It was a road! 4th day in to shooting in the jungle and they realized they were slowly killing their three and only three vehicle tecs (14-20 hr days working in 100+ heat) even Hammon and May stated to bring us food as we worked on the trucks. The chase trucks were also braking as well.

  3. Mark: What an adventure you must have had! I hope the “presenters” were just as cool in real life as they appear to be on the screen. Very jealous here. Hope you post some pics on the production! Big fan of Top Gear here.

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