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Reflecting On The Detours…

dashboard hula bobble dollI can’t believe another year has passed on this wild off-road adventure.  Thanks to all of you, the Last Great Road Trip continues to be the web site destination for those who take the wheel and driver rather than letting life pass them by.

Looking back over the three years, I have to smile when I think about the adventures Hula Betty and I have taken.  Sure the Arctic Off-Road Adventure was amazing… and driving the Rubicon Trail was filled with great ass puckering moments… but the time spent with family and friends on the trails is undeniably the most rewarding part of the adventure for us.  Who can forget spending time at the swimming hole with Boy…  the friendships made on the all girls 4×4 trail run in the Tahuya Forest…  or the look on a friend’s face as we introduced her to off-road adventures in Tillamook State Forest.

146,000 visitors last year can’t be wrong so we hope you continue to enjoy reading the stories and watching the videos (Vimeo Off-Road Adventure Channel) we post. But what does next year hold?  We’re currently researching a solo loop around the Olympic Mountains, looking at a couple of the Oregon Back Country Discovery Routes with a buddy and with any luck we’ll make another Rubicon or Moab trip.   Of course we still have Twin Lakes on the list and there will be a number of weekend outing with the 4×4 clubs throughout the northwest.

When it is all said and done the mile markers fade, scratches buff out and chicks dig dents, but the road less traveled will always call to the soul of adventurers looking to see what is around the bend.  Where are you going to explore in new near?

2 thoughts on “Reflecting On The Detours…”

  1. Just wanted to drop you a message here and say congratulations. I just found your website yesterday and am in shock because you and I share the exact same outlook on life. I am from Springfield, OR, but currently in the Army stationed at Ft. Lewis and I spend every waking moment planning outings with my son, Colby, and my childhood friends back home in Springfield which whom I’ve known for the better part of 27 years…I am only 33. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, but have a three day weekend trip planned out to the Bohemia Mines area just East of Cottage Grove, OR in August, (Man Camp), with my friends. So I tip my hat to you friend, and hope that one day our paths will cross.

    Take care,


    1. Travis,
      Thank you for serving in Afghanistan to protect our freedoms back here in the states… It is great to hear that you too enjoy getting out with your boy and the friends you grew up with. Man camp sounds like it will be cool and I hope you guys have a great time. Stay safe and thank you again for the sacrifices you are making for our country.

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