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Can’t Thank You Enough

Please join us in thanking and paying your respects to the men and women of our armed services.  These brave individuals and their families have made tremendous sacrifices which enable us to enjoy the freedoms of this great country.  They serve 365 days a year and deserve our gratitude each and everyone of those days.

Growing up I did not know any military families and never appreciated what it was like to be in the service.  After moving back to the Northwest and locating next to a number of Naval bases it became clear.  Fathers and mothers we called friends would leave their families for six months to carry on without them.  And when they returned from their tour they still faced the same problems as all of us, doing the best they can to raise a family.

So thank you, to all the men and women in military service for the sacrifices you make to keep us free.  Our prayers remain with you and your families always.  Matt, this includes you!

2 thoughts on “Can’t Thank You Enough”

  1. As a Navy veteran, I thank you. I was stationed in Norfolk, VA as an Intelligence Specialist on board the USS Bataan (LHD-5). Intel Specialist sounded like a cool job…in reality, I got coffee for the intel officer and painted. If I see anything Haze Grey I start to convulse and shudder. It is a pitiful sight to behold.

    Seriously, thank for the Veteran (and cop) posts-much appreciated.

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