off-road adventure QR code

High Tech meets Off-Road Adventure

You’ve probably seen those little black square bar code like things all over the place… on web sites, in magazines, on business cards… all over.  Turns out they are quick response codes or QR codes for those in the high tech geek circles.  These little bar codes can contain all sorts of cool information such as web site URLs, contact info, Google location coordinates or text messages.  Anyone with a smart phone and an app like NeoReader can decode all those little bits of digital info.  Think of this as the equivalent to the Little Orphan Annie  secrete spy decoder ring.

And while corporate marketing types in tall glass buildings are scheming on how to use QR codes to track your every movement through Walmart and separate you and your money, we have noticed a more intriguing  small under ground movement.  Regular folks, like you and me, have started to take ownership of these QR codes to do all sorts of stuff like making city wide scavenger hunts, create street art or push them out into the webisphere creating a new kind of message in a bottle.

We are much better at getting lost than creating great art but we did decided to give it our best shot and send out our own text message to the world.

We’re not sure exactly how we’ll be using QR codes but we plan on playing with these to see if they can provide another way for our website and Facebook friends to follow along on our next off-road adventure.  How knows maybe there is a giant QR code rig sticker in our future.

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