2007 fj cruiser in field

Road Trip Adventures Require A Road And A Rig

Friends and family have asked what are we going to drive to the Arctic Circle. When I started to plan this adventure there was no question, we would drive the new 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Everyone has said:

  • you’re nuts
  • the FJ Cruiser will be ruined
  • you’ll shoot your eye out… Ok wrong story

I’ve taken on the simple philosophy my father taught me: “it is only a thing”. If it is lost, stolen or ruined it can be replaced. What is important are the relationships we have with family and friends. These relationships must be watched over and cared for since they are what is truly valuable in the world.

With that in mind and since I’m locking my dad and I in a truck for 14 days it might as well be the best truck I have access to at this time. Of course I’ll heavily insure it, adding on AAA, towing, road side assistance, and any other road hazard help I can take on. All in the name of it’s only a thing, and its the only thing that will get us back from Deadhorse once we start down Haul Road.

Currently the rig is stock. However with the help of some sponsors it looks like we’ll be getting a few mods soon. Everyone interested in the before rig you can look at the 2007 FJ Cruiser product reference guide just be warned it is a big file and not for faint of bandwidth.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip Adventures Require A Road And A Rig”

  1. Oh. My. Heck. This is the coolest thing EVER. I won’t make any of the typical comments you would expect from me, for now, because seriously, my jaw was hanging the whole time I read through your site. I have linked you to my blog and will give you a little plug, just for fun, but again, Oh my heck how FUN!

  2. Paul,
    What an adventure! I vote for the VW van… I thought we could all come over and paint pictures on the van so you could take pictures from loved ones and friends on your trip 🙂
    Your bud,

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