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Off Road Adventures In Social Media

We know many of you enjoy the social atmosphere of Facebook, Tumbr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, even Google+ and you can now get your fix of our off-road adventures.

Yes we have a Facebook fan page.  Although Facebook calls them fan pages, we prefer to think of everyone as friends.  Some we know well, some we know a little and some we hope to get to know. But we all have one thing in common.  We all love getting off the beaten path and exploring the road less traveled.

Beside our website you can find us at Last Great Road Trip on Facebook. If you prefer you can follow us at Last Great Road Trip on Tumblr or Last Great Road Trip on Twitter. See our pictures on Instagram Last Great Road Trip. If you like videos you can watch ours on our Off-Road Adventure You Tube channel or Off-Road Adventure Vimeo video channel. Like pinning your favorite things, you can find our pins on Pinterest Off-Road Adventure. We’re even of the new version of an old favorite myspace Last Great Road Trip.

If there is a way to share our off-road adventures you’ll find us there…  please join us and help spread the word.

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