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You May Be Addicted

baja_dirt_roadIf you’re off-road more than in your own bed at home you may be an off-road adventure junky…  But if you’re still in denial about your addiction to adventure and no amount of family interventions can prevent you from purchasing one more mod for you your rig, we have a test to help you face the truth head on.

  1. Are you more comfortable boiling water from a lake to fill water bottles than using the tap?
  2. Did you fail to completely unpacked from the last off-road adventure and can be ready to go on the next one in less than ten minutes?
  3. Do you spend hours at work planning your next off-road adventure despite the fact your boss might walk by?
  4.  Can you find a fully-functioning toilet behind every tree?
  5. arctic circle signWithout an adventure in your future do you start to get antsy and stammer about the house mumbling incoherently.?
  6. Can you sleep pretty much anywhere – on the ground, in your rig, under a bridge…
  7. Can you brew coffee in at least five different ways over a camp stove (one of which may or may not involve a sock)?
  8. Do you religiously check off-road adventure websites (hopefully ours) every morning?
  9. Do you prefer sleeping under the stars, even in the rain, rather than having a solid roof over your head?
  10. Does the majority of your paycheck goes towards funding your next off-road adventure?driving two-track trail
  11. When you talk to your friends about your last adventure do they added it to their bucket list?

If you answered yes to any of these you have an off-road adventure addition…  and you are the luckiest guy (non-specific gender neutral use of the term) around!

3 thoughts on “You May Be Addicted”

  1. Yep and couldn’t be happier about it!! Love the site and the rig! Hope our FJs can meet up someday!

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