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We’re Big In Japan

Japanese land cruiser magazine indexRemember our Rubicon Trail off-road adventure, the “2009 Metal Tech Invitational”?  I know you do…  Cause I don’t want to hear we do all this for nothing…  Ok maybe not for nothing… We do have a blast!

Well one of the members of the team on that off-road adventure was Yoshi, a photographer and writer for Japanese Land Cruiser Magazine.  Yoshi’s pictures and story hit news stands in Japan and sure enough Hula Betty and the Blue Bunny made the cut.

Turns out Japanese readers love seeing all the great places there are in the USA to drive off-road and reading about the Toyota trucks we build to make take on those off-road adventures.

Now if we only read Japanese…  I hope they spelled Hula Betty correctly.

3 thoughts on “We’re Big In Japan”

  1. Paul,
    Did you get a copy of the mag? Did the Love Tractor make it in? I still haven’t seen it yet, hoping to recieve a copy. Hope all is well and to see you on the trail again soon.


  2. Hey guys, I managed to scrounge up three copies of that magazine when I was in Japan. They have already been sent to those who got first “dibs”. Wish I could have found more 🙁

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