FJ Cruiser dimensions drawing

The Rig That Gets Under The Skin

Today was a good day! Planning for an off road adventure takes a lot of work… no matter what my wife, Hula Betty, says about my playing around on the Internet. One of the areas to plan for is rig maintenance, modifications and inevitable breakage. A big part of this effort is having the original manufactures specifications for electrical and mechanical components. And out of shear dumb luck I came across these great resources:

With these manuals, we should be able to better plan for some of our upcoming mods including auxiliary lights and a low gear transfer case.

Than there is the just plain cool stuff. How do you sell a new car model? You put out a retro coffee table book, FJ Magazine, and send it to dealers along with a FJ Cruiser new car features that provides a technical explanation of the construction and operation of new mechanism and technologies used in the new FJ Cruiser. And finally include a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser specification sheet  and FJ Cruiser product reference guide which shows off the best features of the vehicle against the competition. And Wala! You have product launch.

I’ve never had a rig that got under my skin like this one. Maybe it is the history, the vehicle quality or the rugged go anywhere ability… but this rig is still cool and one of the reason we started our off road adventures.

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