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No More FJ Cruiser… Rumors

The Internet has spread more urban legends like no other other media outlet before it.  You know what we’re talking about, those stories that continue to surface every year or two, such as McDonald hamburgers are made with worms, 10 foot alligators living in the New York sewers feeding on rats or how Vegas prostitutes are drugging their johns, removing their kidney and selling them on eBay.

For years rumor have been circulating through the Internet that Toyota is secretly discontinuing their FJ Cruiser.  Oddly enough this rumor has been fueled by user  discussions on Toyota’s own FJ Cruiser Forum, known as the Blue Room.  When we first heard this back in 2009, we quickly went to the source, Toyota’s Open Road Blog to get the facts.  According to Jon F. Thompson, Editor, Open Road, in his post, The FJ Cruiser Reality: It’s Alive! That’s just wrong. False. Not true.”

But alas the day has come when in 2013 Toyota has made it clear…  2014 will be the last model year for the FJ Cruiser.  This news comes after Toyota has been quietly encouraging aftermarket vendors to shift focus on new products from the FJ Cruiser to the 5th generation 4Runner which has become Toyota’s flagship 4×4 for the off-road adventure community.

We are glad that so many individuals have had the opportunity to purchase one of the best built rigs available today.  The Toyota FJ Cruiser has continued the long line of the cruiser legend.  We will see what happens in the years to come in both the USA and world markets.

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